Material Choices Abound for Outdoor Decks


An outdoor deck can be an attractive and versatile addition to your home’s exterior. Many people like the freedom of entertaining and living outdoors. When the weather is nice, it is hard to imagine anything finer than enjoying being outside in the comfortable setting a deck can offer. Decks come in a wide range of designs that can complement almost any home. Another consideration that you will face if you decide to add a deck to your home is the selection of material. As manufacturers continue to find new ways to employ materials, the options for deck construction have never been as numerous as they are today.


Vinyl decks are something you may not have seen before since they are a fairly recent addition to the selection pool. Many people like the ease of cleaning vinyl, not to mention its ability to stay cool in direct sunlight. Companies that manufacture these decks have begun to produce vinyl materials that can mimic the look of real wood so you will not have to forfeit the classic look of a deck to enjoy the benefits of the newer material.


The standard favorite for deck construction material is wood. Traditionally, builders used either hardwood or treated softwood to design decks that can serve their owners for years. Many homeowners still prefer wood to other deck materials due to its flexibility and lower costs than some other materials.


Other traditional favorites for decks are brick and stone. Brick is relatively cheap and highly flexible to use. Brick decks and patio designs are a beautiful way to enhance your home’s outside appearance. Stone is another option that many people choose for a

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