Extending Roof Lifetimes


Regular maintenance is a key aspect in extending roof life. Not only is it usually necessary to inspect the roof regularly for damage and deterioration, it is also important to keep a roof clean and free of harmful bacteria. Although this may be expensive, it is usually a much better option than having to replace the roof. Simply cleaning the structure periodically may increase the lifetime to as many as twenty-five years.


Cleaning the roof may be important because a certain type of bacteria called gloeocapsa magma, a type of algae, may begin to eat away at the limestone between shingles. This can cause rapid deterioration and can even be the cause of discolored streaks on the rooftop. Similarly, other fungal nuisances such as mold and mildew may take hold of the roof and begin eating away at the shingles themselves, further decreasing roof life.


The unsightly streaks and spots on a roof are not simple wear-and-tear, but the bacteria that cause them may be washed away. High-pressured water may not get rid of the bacteria, but instead may scatter in across the roof or send it into the air, where the spores can multiply before landing right back where they started.


However, a low-wash pressure washer may be extremely effective at washing away the bacteria, especially when using a cleaning solution that is biodegradable. Washes like this may be more effective because they adhere to the roof and kill the bacteria rather than washing it of onto the ground.


Regular roof inspections may need to precede cleaning because any damage should be repaired before cleaning. This better ensures that roofs stay functional and safe, and it may help avoid the cost of a new roof.  


Extending roof life may rely heavily and routine cleaning and inspections. With a little effort on maintenance, a roof may last for many more years.

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