No matter the season, there are problems that come with it. From sweltering, stagnant heat in the high summer to non-stop rain or snow causing moisture to build up, Mother Nature is constantly doing her best to damage your home. One simple, often overlooked step to help mitigate the foils of nature is the installation of attic exhaust fans. These fans can help reduce cooling bills in the summer, discourage moisture in the winter and there are many options available to fit any home and budget.

As the summer sun beats down on your house, hot air builds up in the attic. Even with air conditioning running all day, the hot air trapped in the attic still sit there, keeping your house warmer for longer and causing your electric bills to climb. Attic exhaust fans help pull that heated air out, creating a constant flow of air that maintains a more consistent temperature, keeping your house cooler and lightening your air conditioning system workload.

In cooler, wetter times, the attic can be a gather place for moisture, which over time leads to mildew, mold and rot. The installation of exhaust fans cycles the air through and pushes moisture out before it has time to create more problems for you down the road. The fan system under these conditions needs to work far less than in the summer, helping keep the operating costs down.

Consulting with a professional exhaust fan installer or contractor can help you find the correct exhaust fans for your home. There are systems that fit large homes with multiple fans creating a complex, comprehensive network for air movement. For smaller homes, there are single units that can be installed and wired into your home to keep your attic cooler in summer and drier in winter. Large or small, these systems help you control costs and extend the life of your greatest investment – your home.

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