Most homeowners know that harsh winters and broiling summers can create stress on a home’s concrete foundation or support blocks. Homeowners also know that hidden earth tremors, quakes, and flooding can also present problems to the security of a structure that needs foundation repair. However, many may not know that the basement walls and floors of a home can develop concrete cracks that may weaken the foundation to a critical level in a short time.


Even the smallest amount of moisture can undermine concrete foundations, so if you see liquid, it is time to repair the cement. The water can cause concrete cracking and crumbling, which, in turn, can produce many problems with the security of your home’s base. The water can also seep in and cause mold to form in dark recesses of the basement walls.


If your doors or windows don’t open easily, it could be a sign that your home has shifted, or the concrete has deteriorated enough to cause misalignment. A concrete contractor can shore up your foundation repair with piers and piles and can realign the concrete to prevent further problems as the house settles even more or continues to shift.


One of the surest signs your home needs foundational repair work is when cracks appear on interior walls, floors begin to buckle, and cracks emerge in windows. As the unevenness of the ground grows, the interior problems can also advance until the severity of the cracks or decaying of the concrete foundation causes broken structural walls.

Since your home’s foundation may be prone to damage from time to time, if you find yourself facing any of the above three problems, contact a local foundation contractor. The contractor can examine the concrete and identify any possible problems your house may be facing. As the old adage says, it is always better to be safe than sorry – especially when you need a foundation repair.

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